"Birth Of A Church" Bro. Joe White Preaching at our Grand Opening on 10/25/05.
"The Gift" a song written and performed by two of our children from "The Rescue Team" (childrens church) They are 9 and 11 Years old. Alexandria and Katelyn
Behind the scenes footage on a typical Sunday Night Service. Playing and Singing Praise Music.
Dennis Jackson Playing his trumpet for the Lord!
Dennis Jackson Playing his trumpet for the Lord!!
Dennis Jackson, Jennifer Stillwell & Reggie Hohenstein Playing for the Lord at the Christmas Service 2009
Reggie Hohenstein Singing for the Lord!!!!
Lighthouse Apostolic 5 Year Anniversary Slide Show. Music by the Hancocks
Henry the Orangutan Puppet unscripted and unedited Skit on being Rooted in Jesus.